Chris Lilik

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Chris Lilik
Born Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.
Known for GrassrootsPA, Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania or YCOP

Chris Lilik is a political activist from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

Of Polish, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Ukrainian descent,[1] he attended Villanova University and law school at Duquesne University.[2]

He interned for J.C. Watts.[2] He is editor of the Pennsylvania political news website and is state chairman of the Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania.[3]

In 2004, BusinessWeek called him a "one-man political action committee."[4] He was a grassroots organizer for Pat Toomey's 2004 primary race against Arlen Specter.[2] In 2010, Politics Magazine named him one of the most influential Republicans in Pennsylvania, describing his website as "Pennsylvania's Drudge Report."[5]


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