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Christ Junior College
TypePre-University College
Established2002 (2002)
AffiliationPre-University Board, Government of Karnataka
Religious affiliation
Roman Catholic
PrincipalFather Sebastian Mathai
Students2873 (Year 2016-17)

Christ Junior College (CJC) is a Pre-University college located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The institution was under the purview of Christ College and was formed in the academic year 2002-03 as a result of the bifurcation of the Degree and Pre-University courses.[1] CJC functions from a single and separate building located in the Christ University campus.


CJC was started in 1969 under the name of Christ College. Christ College initially offered Pre-University and undergraduate courses to its students. Over the past 40 years, it has increased its academic programmes to include postgraduate and diploma programmes. It established itself as a separate institution in 2002 following the bifurcation of the Pre-University course from the other academic programmes offered by the then Christ College.


Admissions to CJC are extremely competitive and are based on the marks obtained by a student in the Class X board examinations held across India. Cut-off percentages for admission to I PUC in CJC are generally the highest amongst the various Bangalore city colleges offering Pre-University courses.[2]



CJC has a number of specialised academic departments which cater to students studying in the different streams offered by the college.[3] The college has nine such departments:

  1. The Department of English
  2. The Department of Languages
  3. The Department of Physics
  4. The Department of Chemistry
  5. The Department of Mathematics
  6. The Department of Biology
  7. The Department of Electronics
  8. The Department of Commerce
  9. The Department of Social Sciences

Academic programmes[edit]

CJC offers PU degree combinations in science, commerce and social sciences.[4] English is a compulsory first language and there are four optional second languages namely, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and French. The following are the stream-wise core subject combinations offered by CJC:


  • PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
  • PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics)


  • CAMS (Commerce [Business Studies], Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Statistics)
  • CAME (Commerce [Business Studies], Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Economics)

Social Sciences[edit]

  • HEPP (History, Economics, Political Science, Psychology)
  • HESP (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science)
  • PPES (Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology)

CJC also provides its students with a learning management system (LMS), an internet-based e-learning tool, to facilitate learning and sharing of information outside the classroom.

Student life[edit]

CJC has a very vibrant and dynamic student culture. Apart from academics, the college encourages students to actively engage in a whole host of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in order to facilitate their holistic development.

Associations and Clubs[edit]

CJC offers the opportunity for its students to engage and participate in the various clubs that are considered a vital part of its educational programme. The following are the clubs currently present in the college:[5]

  1. The Student Welfare Office (SWO)
  2. The Science Forum
  3. Social Sciences Association (SPECTRUM)
  4. The Commerce Association (COLOSSUS)
  5. The Association of Christian Christities (ACC)
  6. Eco-Club (PRAKRUTHI)
  7. Language Association (PRERANA)
  8. The English Literary Club (PIERIAN SPRING)
  9. The Quiz Club (SEDES MINERVA)
  10. The College Brass Band
  11. The College Choir
  12. The National Cadet Corps (NCC)
  13. Centre for Social Action (CSA)
  14. Campus Sports
  15. Tech Club


CJC organized the first edition of the CJCMUN in 2008. It went inter-school in 2010. In 2011, the college participated in the India-edition of the Harvard Model United Nations organised by the Harvard International Relations Council and received a number of awards. The CJCMUN has since gone on to become one of the most popular MUNs in the city of Bangalore.

International Exchange Programmes[edit]

CJC organises international student exchange programmes with educational institutions in Sweden, Germany and Singapore.[6]

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