Christiaensen Glacier

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Christiaensen Glacier
Antarctica, Norway territorial claim (Queen Maud Land, 2015).svg
Location of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica
Map showing the location of Christiaensen Glacier
Map showing the location of Christiaensen Glacier
Location of Christiaensen Glacier in Antarctica
Location Queen Maud Land
Coordinates 71°32′S 35°37′E / 71.533°S 35.617°E / -71.533; 35.617
Thickness unknown
Terminus Queen Fabiola Mountains
Status unknown

Christiaensen Glacier (71°32′S 35°37′E / 71.533°S 35.617°E / -71.533; 35.617Coordinates: 71°32′S 35°37′E / 71.533°S 35.617°E / -71.533; 35.617) is a glacier that drains westward between Mount Eyskens and Mount Derom, in the Queen Fabiola Mountains. It was discovered on October 7, 1960 by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Guido Derom, who named it for Leo Christiaensen, captain of the polar vessel Erika Dan which brought the Belgian expedition to Antarctica.

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