Christian Lantuéjoul

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Christian Lantuéjoul
Christian Lantuéjoul.jpg
Christian Lantuéjoul at Olomouc on 2018
Citizenship France
Known forGeostatistics, Geodesic Morphology
AwardsGeorges Matheron Lectureship
Scientific career
Mathematical morphology
InstitutionsSchool of Mines ParisTech

Christian Lantuéjoul is a French mathematician, born in 1950. Lantuéjoul was selected to receive Georges Matheron Lectureship Award – 2018 from the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences.[1] Lantuéjoul serves as Director of Research at School of Mines ParisTech.[2]


Selected Book[edit]

  • Christian Lantuéjoul, Geostatistical Simulation. Models and Algorithms (2002), Springer-Verlag, 256 pages[3][4]


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