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Christian Ludwig (Luis) Landbeck (11 December 1807 – 3 September 1890) was a prominent German ornithologist.

He took part in an expedition to Chile and described many species of birds in collaboration with Rodolfo Amando Philippi. He directed the publication of the Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Europas ("Natural history of all European birds").

Although the two scientists jointly described many species, the cactus Cereus coerulescens var. landbeckii was named by Philippi in honour of his colleague.[1] Philippi also named the following (non-avian) species after Landbeck:


  • Nachtrag zur Aufzählung der Vögel Würtemberg, 1836 - Addendum to supplement of birds in Württemberg.
  • Systematisches Verzeichniss der Vögel Württembergs, 1846 - Systematic directory of birds in Württemberg.[6]


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