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Christian Boeck.

Christian Peder Bianco Boeck (September 5, 1798 – July 11, 1877) was a Norwegian doctor, zoologist, botanist and mountaineer. He is most associated with his catalog of approved drugs, Pharmacopoea Norvegica (1854).

He was married to Elisabeth Collett and lived in Løkken, Marienlyst in the borough of St. Hanshaugen in Kristiania (now Oslo). He worked as a lecturer in Veterinary science at the faculty of medicine in the University of Oslo (24 April 1828 until July 1840). He later became a professor in physiology. In 1849, he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

As a student he wanted a botanically-motivated expedition to Jotunheimen, with a launch point from the farm of Skrebergo in Øystre Slidre, where he had studied years before. This trip, which he undertook together with Baltazar Mathias Keilhau, resulted in the first ascent of Kalvehøgdi (12 July 1820), Falketind (14 July 1820) and Nordre Skagastølstind (July 1820). Later, the expedition became known as the Jotunheimen discovery (Jotunheimens oppdagelse). Boeck never came back to the area.

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