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Christina R. Wodtke (born October 22, 1966) is an American businessperson and specialist in the area of design thinking, information architecture[1] and Management Science (specializing in OKR and team productivity.) She is currently a lecturer in HCI at Stanford University.[2]


Wodtke was born and raised in the Midwest, including early childhood years in Iowa City, Iowa.


Wodtke has held a series of executive roles in the tech industry, most notably leading teams who built the events platform and created an algorithm for Linkedin's newsfeed, leading a redesign of Myspace and its profile pages and leading the design and launch of the gaming platform.[citation needed]

Wodtke is a co-founder and past president of the Information Architecture Institute. As a User Experience professional, she has worked for such companies as Yahoo, Hot Studio, The New York Times, and Zynga to improve and develop their Web sites.

Wodtke founded Webby-nominated magazine of design thinking [Boxes and Arrows] and has been published continuously (as well as sometime contributor).[3] Boxes and Arrows was the first online magazine aimed exclusively at working practitioner designers, and has inspired a host of other online 'zines, from UXmatters to Johnny Holland.

Known for a blunt and humorous speaking manner, she is frequently sought out as an expert for interviews and talks on social web design, gamification, user experience, start-up management, and innovation.[4][5]


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