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Christine Conix
Born1955 (age 63–64)
Alma materHoger Instituut voor Architectuurwetenschappen Henry van de Velde
AwardsWon contract out of 28 firms to redesign Vrije Universiteit Brussel[1]
ProjectsRedesign of Moroccan city of Nador

Christine Conix (born 1955) is a Belgian architect whose projects have been described as innovative and diverse and creative.[2] She created her firm Conix Architects[3] in 1979 in the Antwerp city of Wilrijk;[4][5][6] by 2007, her firm employed 67 people[4] and by 2014, it had offices in Brussels, Warsaw,[7] Rotterdam, Terneuzen, with the head office in Antwerp.[8][9] In 2013, Conix architects won a contract to rebuild a Moroccan city named Nador to transform it into a center for economics and tourism, which involves constructing critical infrastructure such as houses, schools, and hospitals.[10] Conix Architects designed a renovation and expansion for the Atomium in Belgium, a structure originally built for the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels.[10][11] It designed the Belgian pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010.[10] Her firm won a contest among 28 architectural firms agencies for architectural work relating to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.[1][12] Conix believes intuition should play a large role in architectural design, and believes in sustainability,[5] and sees no significant difference between men and women today in the field of architecture.[2] She studied architecture at the Hoger Instituut voor Architectuurwetenschappen Henry van de Velde in Antwerp.[13]

Notable works[edit]

  • Sterckshof silver museum, renovation and new interior design, Deurne (2007–2015)
  • Renovation and extension 4th European school, Brussels (2006 -...) (JV 4à4: Conix Architects (Pilot), Archi 2000, Duijsens Meyer Viol, Atelier Du Sart Tilman, Marcq & Roba)
  • Glass House, renovation and reconversion of modernist office building into residential development, Antwerp (2009-2011)
  • Ocean's Four Apartments, Gdańsk (Poland) (2008–2011)
  • Belgian EU pavilion for Expo 2010, Shanghai (China) (2008–2010) (in association with the JV Interbuild – Realys)[7]
  • Mixed development London Tower, Antwerp (2006–2010)
  • CX series (Duscholux), sanitary collection, rewarded with a 'Good Design Award' (2007-2009)
  • W16, renovation and extension of an office building for BKCP), Brussels (2005–2009)
  • Mercelis, new library and residential development, Elsene (2005-2009)
  • Master planning industrial site, construction and renovation several offices and industrial buildings for Umicore, Hoboken (2005–2009)
  • Conversion Wool Weaver's chapel into flagship store for McGregor Women, Ghent (2007)
  • Renovation Atomium and new pavilion, Brussels (2004–2007)
  • Renovation goods station and new head office for Bank J. Van Breda & Co., Antwerp (2003–2007)[6]
  • Mixed development Hoopnatie, Antwerp (1999–2006),[6] used as a film location for Loft
  • Renovation of an old Tuscan farm and reconversion into guesthouse, Ferranesi, Asciano (Italy) (2001-2003)
  • New private house in historical Cogels Osylei, Antwerp (1990–1992)
  • New private house in Antwerp, Wilrijk, Pater Verbiststraat (1989)


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