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Christine Cushing is a Canadian celebrity chef and television programme host. She has been showing Canada how to cook for 15 years.[1] Christine's TV debut all started in May 1998 when she was working at a small food company and a TV producer approached her and asked her to audition for one of his new shows.[2] She hosted Christine Cushing Live and Dish it Out on Food Network Canada, and Fearless in the Kitchen on the Opray Winfrey network in Canada. She is shooting a food documentary series called Confucius was a Foodie with Mark Media currently in Asia and Europe. She is the resident chef on CTV's the Marilyn Denis show in Canada. Cushing teamed up with the food brand Furlani and showed how to use their products in different recipes such as Pulled Pork on Furlani Garlic Texas Toast.[3]

Born in Athens, Greece, Cushing moved to Canada with her family when she was only one.[1] Interested in cooking at a very young age, Cushing practiced cooking and baking for hours at a time as a child.[4] She studied linguistics at the University of Toronto, graduating from the Food and Beverage Management program at George Brown College in Toronto in 1986.[5]

Cushing graduated top of her class in the Grand Diplôme program at the Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris.[6] She has worked at Four Season's Hotels, Magna International, the King Ranch Health Spa, and Toronto's Scaramouche restaurant, as a pastry chef.[6] She was a teacher at the Kitchen Studio, had her own cooking school,and she even came up with recipes for places such as Gusto magazine, Starbucks, and Ace Bakery. Cushing has also performed food demonstrations for KitchenAid Canada, Northern Telecom, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.[6] She spoke at Cook for the Cure breast cancer campaign, was thought to be a superhero at Starbright Foundation for sick kids hospital, and is now a judge for the Gold Medal Plate annual fundraiser for the Olympic committee as well as a committed advocate of the Children's Breakfast Clubs.[1]

She has written three cookbooks and has a line of artisan food products: extra virgin olive oil from Greece, tomato sauces hand made in Canada and roasted red pepper spreads.

Cushing has said that the kitchen tool she could not live without was a mandolin.[citation needed] She enjoys travelling. She says that it inspires her cooking and some of her favourite places to go are Shipwreck Bay Zakynthos.[1]

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