Christophe Gans

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Christophe Gans
Christophe Gans 2010.JPG
Gans in 2010.
Born Christophe Gans
(1960-03-11) 11 March 1960 (age 57)
Antibes, France
Occupation Film director, producer; screenwriter

Christophe Gans (born 11 March 1960) is a French film director, producer and screenwriter, who specializes in horror and fantasy movies.

Life and career[edit]

Gans was born in Antibes, France. As a teenager, he spent a large portion of his time creating kung fu-themed Super 8 movies with his friends. He later went on to attend the French film school Idhec, where he created his first short film, Silver Slime. He later spent time as a film critic before co-directing his first film, Necronomicon.

His $29 million-budgeted film Brotherhood of the Wolf was a worldwide success, grossing over $70 million+ [1] in theaters worldwide. It became the second-highest-grossing French-language film in the United States since 1980.[2]

He went on to create the film "labor of love", and the video game film adaptation Silent Hill.[citation needed]

Future projects[edit]

Gans was to write and direct the Capcom video game Onimusha; however, after several setbacks he abandoned it and is now attached to the French film Fantômas.[3][4] He initially was to direct a sequel to Silent Hill, but later pulled out and was replaced by Michael J. Bassett.[5]


Year Film Credited as Note
Director Writer Producer Fight choreographer
1981 Silver Slime Yes Yes Short film[6]
1993 Necronomicon Yes Directed first sequence[7]
1995 Crying Freeman Yes Yes Yes
2001 Brotherhood of the Wolf Yes Yes
2004 Saint Ange Yes
2006 Silent Hill Yes Yes
2014 Beauty and the Beast Yes Yes [8]


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