Christophe Naudin

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Christophe naudin
Christophe Naudin.jpg
Christophe Naudin, 2009
Born (1962-12-22)22 December 1962
Libourne, France
Residence France France United States United States
Citizenship French France
Christophe Naudin
Criminal charge People smuggling, aiding escape
Criminal status Pending extradition, trial
Motive Violation to the Law #137 of 2003
Reward amount
US$ 10,000
Capture status
Captured in Egypt
Wanted by
Dominican Republic
Partner(s) Aymeric Chauprade, Pierre Malinoswski, Pascal Jean Fauret Bruno, Armand Victor Odos
Wanted since 22 November 2015
Time at large
75 days
Escape end 5 February 2016

Christophe Naudin, born in Libourne France in 1962, is a French writer.

Education and background[edit]

Christophe Naudin holds

  • a PhD in geography from University of Paris la Sorbonne.
  • a postgraduate degree in geopolitics from the University of Paris - Marne la Vallée.
  • MA master's degree in geography from the University of Paris 7.


Before 1995, a long time ago, he was instructor in aviation security for the French swat police (RAID – Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion) for airport security and border control, before the pre-privatization measures with the equivalent of TSA Transportation Security Administration.

Since 1996, he teaches X ray screening for the French gendarmerie (equivalent of National Guard) show how to place laptops correctly in plastique baskets in and for correctional institution since 2000. He is a trainer for the French national police and the gendarmerie, working within the French police cooperation unit (DCI) since 1997.

Since September 2005, he is a speaker at the University of the Chinese People's Public Security (Beijing) and the Graduate School of Criminal Police in Shenyang.

In 1996 he has create with Sébastien Benoit-Latour, a US consultancy firm based in west Palm beach Florida.

In 2015 he helps two "old mates" escaping from a Dominican Republic prison, were they had been sentenced 20 years each.

In February 2016 Christophe Naudin is arrested in Cairo for being searched by Dominican Republic. He is accused of being directly involved in the Air Cocaïne business for helping the escape and exfiltration of two "friends".[1] On February 27 Egypt agreed to extradite Naudin to the Dominican Republic to face criminal charges.


  • Alias, le nouvel empire des crimes d'identité, Publisher La Table Ronde, Paris February 2005
  • Sûreté aérienne, la grande illusion, Publisher La Table Ronde, March 2007
  • Histoire de l'identité individuelle - d'hier et de demain, Publisher Ellipses, 2009
  • Sureté mode d'emploi. Publisher Ellipses, 2011


  • Défense nationale N°3 : Fausse identité, nouvelle menace stratégique ? 2005
  • Cahier de la sécurité N°6 - INHES, Cybercriminalité identitaire, sept.-déc 2008
  • Outre Terre N°23 : Union pour la méditerranée contre Al-Qaïda, 2009
  • Défense nationale N°12 : Identité et défense : vulnérabilité d'hier, atout stratégique de demain ?, novembre 2009


His Ph.D, "Doctorat d’État de géographie de l'école doctorale N°7", was delivered by Université Paris IV - Paris Sorbonne. His geography thesis titled "Géopolitique identitaire : le grand défi du 21e siècle", was directed by professor Michel Korinman. His dissertation committee was presided by Gérard-François Dumont.