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Christopher Penfold is an English scriptwriter and editor.

Television shows that he has worked on include Pathfinders, Take Me High, The Tripods, One by One, All Creatures Great and Small, EastEnders, Casualty and Midsomer Murders.[1]

Penfold is perhaps most well known for being one of the brains behind Gerry Anderson's science fiction series Space: 1999. He worked as story consultant for the original series (first 16 episodes of the 24-part series) and is credited for writing 'Guardian of Piri' (based on a script by David Weir), 'Alpha Child' (based on a script by Edward di Lorenzo), 'The Last Sunset', 'War Games', 'Space Brain' and 'Dragon's Domain' for the first series and 'Dorzak' as a freelance contributor for the second. Penfold was uncredited for re-writing the series' premiere 'Breakaway' as well as David Weir's 'Black Sun' and fellow staff member Edward di Lorenzo's 'Missing Link'.[2]

In 2010 Christopher Penfold contributed a foreword to the novel, Space: 1999 Omega and its sequel novel, Space: 1999 Alpha. Both novels were written by William Latham and published by Powys Media and were released simultaneously on 27 February 2010.


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