Pathfinders (TV series)

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Created by Gerry Brown
Starring Robert Urquhart
Jack Watling
Julian Orchard
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 13
Running time 60 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release 27 September 1972 – 25 January 1973

Pathfinders (1972–73) is a ITV drama set in the Second World War, telling the story of the fictitious Royal Air Force 192 Pathfinder squadron. The Pathfinders were specialised RAF squadrons that marked targets for the RAF's heavy bombers.

The series used radio controlled Avro Lancaster models for the flying scenes.

The technical adviser for the series was Group Captain Hamish Mahaddie.

The music was by Malcolm Lockyer.

Cast list[edit]


Original broadcast date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
1 27 September 1972 Into the Fire Jeremy Bulloch, Jack May, Luan Peters, David Ashford
2 4 October 1972 For Better, For Worse Peter Armitage, Peter Blythe, Jennifer Clulow, Tony Selby, David Simeon, David Warwick
3 11 October 1972 Fog Christopher Cazenove, Michael Craze, Richard Heffer, William Marlowe, Jack May, Kate O'Mara
4 18 October 1972 Fly There, Walk Back Michael Coles, Arnold Diamond, Wolfe Morris, Jane Seymour, David Weston, Michael Wolf
5 1 November 1972 Jonah Man Eric Flynn, Ray Lonnen, Mark McManus, Julian Orchard, Sheila Ruskin
6 8 November 1972 One Man’s Lancaster Jeremy Bulloch, John D. Collins, Anthony Valentine
7 15 November 1972 Sitting Ducks John Arnatt, John Barron, Edd Byrnes, Brian Grellis, Rutger Hauer, Roy Holder, John Horsley, David Lodge, Basil Moss, Julian Orchard, Johnnie Wade, Kenneth Watson, Hans De Vries, Richard Shaw
8 6 December 1972 Our Daffodils Are Better Than Your Daffodils Peter Egan, John Levene, David Lodge, Christopher Timothy, Neville Barber
9 13 December 1972 Codename Gomorrah Donald Douglas, Bernard Lee, Paul Massie, Mike Pratt
10 3 January 1973 Sweets From a Stranger Geoffrey Bayldon, Johnny Briggs, Christopher Cazenove, Linda Marlowe, Jack May, Morris Perry, Shirley Stelfox
11 10 January 1973 Operation Pickpocket Ian Collier, Mark Eden, Richard Franklin, Olaf Pooley, Michael Wolf
12 17 January 1973 Nightmare John Bluthal, Julian Orchard, Paul Shelley, Ian Stirling
13 25 January 1973 In the Face Of the Enemy Ray Brooks, Susan Jameson, Diane Keen, Julian Orchard, Dennis Waterman

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