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Type of site
Satirical blog
Available in English
Slogan(s) Conservative Values for an Unsaved World
Alexa rank Steady 51,376
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Current status Active

Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog-style articles intended to ridicule excesses of American Christian conservatives. Recurring topics include homosexuality, atheism, Hollywood, and other purported threats to American culture.[1][2][3][4]

Like similar satirical websites, Christwire's stories have sometimes been erroneously taken at face value.[2]


Due to the wide public attention at the name Christwire, the site also runs[5][6][7][8][9]

One satirical news article by "Haywood Bynum III" pronounced that "Edible Marijuana Candies Kill 9 in Colorado, 12 at Coachella." The Drug Abuse Resistance Education anti-drug organization copied the article onto their website without fact checking the satirical article.[10][11]

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