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This is a list of all past winners of the official Christy Ring Cup Champion 15 Awards.


Unlike the Vodafone All Stars, the 15 players selected are not chosen by position and players received nominations at the end of each game from opposing team managers. Under the selection format, the champions have three players honoured with two players from the beaten finalists and semi-finalists also being recognised in addition to one player from each of the other participating Counties


Enda McLoughlin, Killian Cosgrove and Andrew Mitchell (Westmeath), Garret Johnson and Martin Coulter (Down), Pat Coady and Robert Foley (Carlow), Mattie Dowd and David Harney (Kildare), Gregory Biggs (Derry), John Mike Dooley (Kerry), Keith Higgins (Mayo), Joey Toole (Meath), Mike Keaveney (Roscommon) and Joe Murphy (Wicklow).


Malachy Molloy, Paddy Richmond , Ciaran Herron (all Antrim), Pat Coady, Des Murphy (both Carlow), Eoin Hannon (Kildare), Paudie Reidy (Kildare), Paddy Barrett (Mayo), Paul Braniff (Down), Gary Savage (Down), Joe Murphy (Wicklow), Aidan Healy (Kerry), Michael Kelly (Roscommon), Fergus McMahon (London) and David Donnelly (Meath).


Patrick Clarke, Paddy Dowdall, Derek Mac Nicholas (all Westmeath), David Kennedy, Billy White (Kildare), Enda Keogh, Stephen Clynch (Meath), Andrew Gaul, Edward Coady (Carlow), Shane Brick (Kerry), Stephen Broderick (Mayo), Graham Clarke (Down), Don Hyland (Wicklow), Keith Kennedy (London), Michael Conway (Derry)


Mark Brennan (Carlow), John Rogers (Carlow), Shane Kavanagh (Carlow), Brendan Murtagh (Westmeath), Paul Greville (Westmeath), Aidan Connolly (Mayo), Stephen Henry (Derry), Micheál Kelly (Roscommon), Nial Hackett (Meath), Tony Murphy (Kildare), Jonathan O Neill (Wicklow), Paul Braniff (Down), Eugene McDonnell (Armagh), Niall Healy (London), John Griffin (Kerry)


Andrew Gaul (Carlow), Shane Kavanagh (Carlow), John Rogers (Carlow), James Hickey (Carlow), Fintan Conway (Down), Sean Ennis (Down), Ruari McGrattan (Down), Conor Ryan (Mayo), Adrian Freeman (Mayo), Tom Murnane (Kerry), Shane Brick (Kerry), Paul Dermody (Kildare), Jeffrey Bermingham (Wicklow), Greg Gavin (Westmeath), Sean McCullagh (Derry),


Player Team
Colours of Leitrim.svg Tom Murnane Kerry
Colours of Leitrim.svg Mikey Boyle Kerry
Colours of Leitrim.svg Darragh O'Connell Kerry
Colours of Roscommon.svg Andy O'Brien Wicklow
Colours of Roscommon.svg Jonathan O'Neill Wicklow
Colours of Mayo.svg Derek McConn Mayo
Colours of Cork.svg Kevin Hinphey Derry
Colours of Leitrim.svg Nicky Horan Meath
Colours of Down.svg Paul Braniff Down
Colours of Kildare.svg Neil Ó Muineacháin Kildare
Colours of Kildare.svg Paudie Reidy Kildare
Colours of Galway.svg Andrew Mitchell Westmeath
Colours of Galway.svg Joe Clarke Westmeath
Colours of Galway.svg Paul Greville Westmeath
Colours of Galway.svg Eoin Price Westmeath


James Godley, Jason Casey, Shane Nolan, Darragh O’ Connell (Kerry), Eamonn Kearns, Stephen Kelly, Andy O’ Brien (Wicklow), John Doran, Tony Murphy (Kildare), Eoin Clarke, Brendan Ennis (Down), Cahal Carvill (Armagh), Oisin McCloskey (Derry), Shane Morley (Mayo ), Shane McGann (Meath).[2]


Brian Costello, Jonathan Maher, Eddie Walsh, Ger Fennelly (London), Eamonn Kearns, Jonathan O’Neill, Ronan Keddy (Wicklow), Paul Braniff, Conor Woods (Down), Willie Mahady, Steven Clynch (Meath), Mark Moloney (Kildare), Alan Grant (Derry), Donal O’Brien (Mayo), Paud Costello (Kerry).


Paul Braniff (Down), Gareth Johnson (Down), Conor Woods (Down), Patrick Hughes (Down), Bernard Rochford (Kerry), Darren Dineen (Kerry), Shane Nolan (Kerry), Fiachra Ó Muineacháin (Kildare), Gerard Keegan (Kildare), Steven Clynch (Meath), Sean Heavey (Meath), Derek McDonnell (Mayo), Paddy Kelly (Derry), Liam Kennedy (Wicklow), Nathan Curry (Armagh).[3]


Richie Hoban (Kildare), Martin Fitzgerald (Kildare), Paul Dermody (Kildare), Gerry Keegan (Kildare), Bryan Murphy (Kerry), Daniel Collins (Kerry), Padraig Boyle (Kerry), Cormac Reilly (Meath), William McGrath (Meath), Ciaran Charlton (Mayo), David Kenny (Mayo), Aaron Kelly (Derry), Stephen Kelly (Wicklow), Stephen Renaghan (Armagh), Conor Woods (Down).[4]


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