Chronology (Dom & Roland album)

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Chronology (Dom & Roland album).jpg
Studio album by Dom & Roland
Released 2004
Genre Electronic
Label Moving Shadow
Dom & Roland chronology
Back for the Future
Through the Looking Glass

Chronology is the third drum and bass album of Dom & Roland released in 2004 on CD (release code ASHADOW31CD) and vinyl (ASHADOW31LP) on the Moving Shadow label, UK. It features collaborations with Kemal of Konflict, Skynet, and also a remix of Moulin Rouge, a track from the album Back for the Future. Reviewer Ben Willmott, writing for Knowledge magazine writes "Although the haunted, soundtrack-like sound of his first album (1998's 'Industry', which Dom says he far prefers to its more hastily compiled successor 'Back For The Future'), is very much at the fore, the album is both his most varied and his most intense yet."[1]

CD version Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ethnicity" (featuring Kemal)
  2. "Just So You Know"
  3. "I 4 an I"
  4. "Moulin Rouge" (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K remix)
  5. "Break Out"
  6. "Future Life"
  7. "Rhino" (featuring Skynet)
  8. "Paradrenasite" (combined by Hive)
  9. "Freak Seen"
  10. "Late Night"
  11. "Dance All Night"

12" Vinyl Track listing[edit]

  1. "I 4 An I"
  2. "Break Out"
  3. "Ethnicity' (Featuring Kemal)
  4. "Moulin Rouge' (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K Remix)
  5. "Rhino' (Featuring Skynet)
  6. "Paradrenasite" (Combined & Remixed by Hive)
  7. "Future Life"
  8. "Late Night"