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In Greek mythology, the name Chryse (Ancient Greek: Χρύση or Χρυσῆ "golden") may refer to:

  • Chryse, daughter of Almus, a lover of Ares and mother of Phlegyas.[1]
  • Chryse, a nymph or minor goddess of Lemnos (or of Chryse Island) who lured Philoctetes away from his companions which resulted in him being bitten by a snake.[2] Some sources state that Chryse was a local epithet of Athena, and the misfortune happened to Philoctetes next to her altar, which the snake was guarding.[3][4] The altar was said to have been set up by Jason.[5]
  • Chryse, daughter of Pallas and consort of Dardanus.[6]
  • Chryse, daughter of Timander, sister of Eurytione, Hellotis and Cottyto, from Corinth.[7]
  • Chryse, a surname of Aphrodite on Lesbos.[8]


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