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Industry Restaurants
Founder Don Moss
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Chuck-A-Rama is a chain of buffet restaurants based in Salt Lake City, Utah[1] with ten restaurants [2] in Utah and two in Idaho. Many of the items are what one would consider "home cooking" types of recipes rather than fine dining offerings. The restaurant therefore has an appeal and clientele different from a fine-dining establishment, where the emphasis is on the entertainment value of the dining experience. People frequently eat at Chuck-A-Rama as families and often as extended family groups. Also, some older couples or singles living alone find it easier and more satisfying to eat at Chuck-A-Rama daily rather than cook at home.[3]

Service in the restaurant is "self-serve". After paying a fixed price at the door, one enters the dining area, selects a table and then chooses food from a number of buffet islands. One may obtain a new plate at any time and choose additional items. The table help will bring beverages or other food items, and will clear the table of empty plates. It is customary to offer a small tip for this service, but this is not required.


The name, which endures its share of jokes, came from Don Moss, one of the original partners, said his son, Duane Moss, the company's current chief executive officer. "Chuck" came from the "chuckwagon" used for cooking on Old West cattle drives. "Dad combined it with something that was dear to his heart -- the Scout-O-Rama."


The restaurant offers primarily American Comfort food. Main entrées include baked and fried chicken, carved turkey, ham, and roast beef, and mashed potatoes and gravy. A salad bar is included with every meal and a rotating variety of soups are offered daily. Desserts are made from scratch and the bakery serves a wide variety of fresh rolls. Over thirty soft drinks are available to choose from including both Coke and Pepsi products in their regular and non-caffeinated forms.

In addition to the regular daily fare different themed choices are offered every day, including Chinese, Mexican, or Italian cuisine, seafood, "chuck wagon" dishes, and an International European themed night featuring chicken fried steak. Also, Chuck-A-Rama does not serve breakfast.

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