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Charles Adrian "Chuck, Chas" Dinsmore (July 23, 1903 – December 5, 1982) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played 100 games in the National Hockey League. Born in Toronto, Ontario, he played for the Montreal Maroons. The NHL 24-25 season was the first for both the Maroons and the Boston Bruins, and on December 1 1924 Charles earned the first goal ever scored against the Bruins (the Bruins won the game 2-1)[1]. He won the Stanley Cup in 1926. He left the game in 1928 to take a job as a bond trader. But in the middle of the 1929-30 NHL season, he asked the Maroons about getting his old job back because he said the stock market did not offer the same thrills as playing in the NHL. Montreal team officials told him that they had no more money in the budget to sign another player, but Dinsmore was insistent and struck a deal by signing a contract to play for the Maroons which would pay him one dollar for the remaining 9 games.

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