Ice hockey at the 1924 Winter Olympics

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Ice hockey at the 1924 Winter Olympics
Toronto Granites, 1921–22.jpg
Picture of the 1922 Toronto Granites, including 5 players from the 1924 Olympic gold-medal Granites
Tournament details
Host country  France
Dates January 28–February 3
Teams 8
Venue(s) Chamonix (outdoors)
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg  Canada (2nd title)
Runner-up Silver medal blank.svg  United States
Third place Bronze medal blank.svg  Great Britain
Fourth place  Sweden
Tournament statistics
Matches played 16
Goals scored 310 (19.38 per match)
Scoring leader(s) Canada Harry Watson 46 points

The men's ice hockey tournament at the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, was the 2nd Olympic Championship, also serving as the 2nd World Championships. The competition was held from Monday, January 28, 1924, to Sunday, February 3, 1924. Canada, represented by the Toronto Granites, defended its championship from the 1920 Summer Olympics. The United States and Great Britain took the silver and bronze respectively, while other contenders included Czechoslovakia, France, and Sweden.

The Bergvall system used in the 1920 Olympics was discarded in favor of a two-level round-robin tournament. Qualifying teams were placed in pools for the opening round, with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the final round. The medals were awarded based on the record in the final round. This format would remain in use until the 1992 Winter Olympics, when the final round-robin was replaced with a medal-round single-elimination tournament.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Canada (CAN)
Jack Cameron
Ernie Collett
Bert McCaffrey
Harold McMunn
Dunc Munro
Beattie Ramsay
Cyril Slater
Hooley Smith
Harry Watson
Henry Louis Hudson
 United States (USA)
Clarence Abel
Herbert Drury
Alphonse Lacroix
John Langley
John Lyons
Justin McCarthy
Willard Rice
Irving Small
Frank Synott
 Great Britain (GBR)
William Anderson
Lorne Carr-Harris
Colin Carruthers
Eric Carruthers
Guy Clarkson
Ross Cuthbert
Geoffrey Holmes
Hamilton Jukes
Edward Pitblado
Blane Sexton

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 82(*) ice hockey players from eight nations competed at the Chamonix Games:

(*) NOTE: Only counts players who participated in at least one game. Not all reserve players are known.

Final tournament[edit]

First round[edit]

Group A[edit]

The top two teams (highlighted) advanced to the medal round.

 Canada 3 3 0 85 0
 Sweden 3 2 1 18 25
 Czechoslovakia 3 1 2 14 41
  Switzerland 3 0 3 2 53
28 Jan  Sweden 9:0
28 Jan  Canada 30:0
29 Jan  Canada 22:0
30 Jan  Canada 33:0
31 Jan  Sweden 9:3
1 Feb  Czechoslovakia 11:2

Group B[edit]

The top two teams (highlighted) advanced to the medal round.

 United States 3 3 0 52 0
 Great Britain 3 2 1 34 16
 France 3 1 2 9 42
 Belgium 3 0 3 8 45
28 Jan  United States 19:0
29 Jan  France 2:15
 Great Britain
30 Jan  Great Britain 19:3
30 Jan  France 0:22
 United States
31 Jan  France 7:5
31 Jan  United States 11:0
 Great Britain

Final round[edit]

 Canada 3 3 0 47 3
 United States 3 2 1 32 6
 Great Britain 3 1 2 6 33
 Sweden 3 0 3 3 46

Note: The CAN v SWE and USA v GBR games were carried forward from the previous round.

1 Feb  Canada 19:2
 Great Britain
1 Feb  United States 20:0
2 Feb  Great Britain 4:3
3 Feb  Canada 6:1
 United States

Top scorer[edit]

Team GP G A Pts
Canada Harry Watson 5 37 9 46

Final ranking[edit]

The Toronto Granites hockey club in Chamonix during the 1924 Winter Olympics
1  Canada (CAN)
represented by:
Toronto Granites
2  United States (USA)
reserve player:
Gerry Geran
3  Great Britain (GBR)
4  Sweden (SWE)
Ruben Allinger (Djurgårdens IF)
Wilhelm Arwe (Djurgårdens IF)
Eric Burman (IK Göta)
Birger Holmqvist (IK Göta)
Gustaf Johansson (IK Göta)
Helge Johansson (Djurgårdens IF)
Carl Josefsson (Nacka SK)
Ernst Karlberg (Djurgårdens IF)
Nils Molander (Berliner SC)
Ejnar Olsson (IK Göta)
5  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Jan Fleischmann
Miloslav Fleischmann
Jaroslav Jirkovský
Jan Krásl
Vilém Loos
Josef Maleček
Jan Palouš
Jaroslav Řezáč
Josef Šroubek
Jaroslav Stránský
Otakar Vindyš
Ludvík Hofta
Jaroslav Pušbauer
6  France (FRA)
André Charlet
Pierre Charpentier
Jacques Chaudron
Raoul Couvert
Maurice del Valle
Alfréd de Rauch
Albert Hassler
Charles Lavaivre
Jean-Joseph Monnard
Calixte Payot
Philippe Payot
Léonhard Quaglia
Henri Couttet
7  Belgium (BEL)
Louis De Ridder
François Franck
Henri Louette
André Poplimont
Ferdinand Rudolph
Paul Van den Broeck
Charles Van den Driessche
Philippe Van Volckxsom
Gaston Van Volxem
Viktor Verschueren
8  Switzerland (SUI)
Fred Auckenthaler
Walter von Siebenthal
Edouard Filliol
Marius Jaccard
Ernest Jacquet
Bruno Leuzinger
Ernest Mottier
Peter Müller
René Savoie
Donald Unger
André Verdeil
Louis Dufour
Max Holzboer