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Jean-Guy (Chuck) Labelle is a bilingual Canadian singer-songwriter who performs francophone New Country-Rock music. He is from Mattawa, Ontario. His first album Chuck reached Gold status after two years and his second album Un cadeau de Noël with partner Robert Paquette reached the same status in two years. His 1999 single Le Cowboy, released in both French and English versions, reached No.1 on the European country music charts. Labelle continues to produce and compose for many young artists in many styles. His latest album Plus jamais comme avant was produced by Tomo Records and recorded at N-CODE Studios. He has produced and written over 150 original songs.


  • Chuck (1994) (Produced by Robert Paquette)
  • Un Cadeau de Noël (1995), duo with Robert Paquette (produced by Chuck Labelle and Robert Paquette)
  • Terre fragile (1997) (produced by Robert Paquette and Dan Bédard)
  • No Getting Over You 1999 (The Nashville Sessions) 4 song EP (Produced by Randall Prescott)
  • "Le Cowboy-The Cowboy 1999 single (Comstock records Arizona)
  • Noël encore un fois (2000) (produced by Chuck Labelle and Robert Paquette)
  • Noel en tout et partout (2005) (produced by Robert Paquette and Shawn Sasyniuk)
  • Plus jamais comme avant (2008) TOMO records (produced by Charles Fairfield and Normand Daoust)
  • "Le plus beau des cadeaux¨ (2010) PLR Productions (produced by Frank Labelle)

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