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Hangul 추어탕
Hanja 鰍魚湯
Revised Romanization Chueotang
McCune–Reischauer Ch'uŏt'ang

Chueotang is a Korean soup made from mudfish[disambiguation needed] and is a popular dish among the Korean farmers residing in Namwon. It has been enjoyed during the autumn season as it helped farmers recuperate from the heat and exhaustion and has also been named as the 'autumn mudfish stew'.

The soup is made from mudfish, a variety of vegetables, soy bean paste, red pepper paste and ash seed powder. It has a rich spicy flavour and is high in vitamin A, protein and calcium.

It is one of the traditional soups in Korea. 'Chueo (Hangul: 추어)' means mudfish and 'tang (Hangul: 탕)' means a soup. Its main ingredient is mudfish, soy chili paste (gochujang) and fermented soybean paste (dwenjang). According to Koreans, the best time to eat Chueotang is between July and November when mudfish becomes nutritious.[1][2]

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