Chumysh River

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Chumysh River under the ice cover just before the confluence with the Ob, Yazovo village, Altai Krai, Russia

The Chumysh (Russian: Чумыш) is a river in Russia, a right branch of the Ob River.[1] It enters the Ob 88 kilometres (55 mi) downriver from Barnaul. The Chumysh begins at the confluence of the Kara-Chumysh and the Tom-Chumysh rivers in Kemerovo Oblast. The Chumysh is 644 kilometres (400 mi) long, and it drains a basin of 23,900 square kilometres (9,200 sq mi).

About 68 percent of its right-side basin is known as the Salair Ridge (Russian: Салаирский кряж) and the Pre-Salair plains.

Main tributaries[edit]




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Coordinates: 53°32′25″N 83°10′04″E / 53.54028°N 83.16778°E / 53.54028; 83.16778