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Chun may refer to:


  • Chun River in Thailand
  • Chun District in Phayao Province, Thailand
  • Chûn Castle, a hillfort in the United Kingdom
  • Commandery (China), an administrative division of imperial China romanized as chün by the Wade-Giles system
  • "Chun" is a Biblical city, an Aramaean city also called Kun or Cunnce

People and names[edit]


"Chun" (Irish language)is a preposition governing the genitive case meaning "to, in order to, for".[1] Tá mé ag dul chun na scoile - I am going to (the) school Tá mé ar an bhealach chun bainisteoir an bhainc a fheiceáil. I am on the way (in order) to see the bank manager.


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