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Chung Nanjung (hangul: 정난정; hanja: 鄭蘭貞, ? - November 13, 1565) was a Korean (Joseon Dynasty) politician and philosopher. She was a concubine and the 2nd wife of Yun Won-hyung, Prime minister and 13th King Myeongjong's uncle, and was close to her sister-in-law Queen Munjeong. She had Yun Won-hyung's first wife poisoned to death. In 1565, after the death of Queen Munjeong, she as well as her husband were put to death by Myeongjong.

In fiction[edit]

The 2016 MBC 50-episode TV drama The Flower in Prison, that mixes in some historical narrative with some fiction, features Park Joo-mi as Chung Nanjung. Some of the historically correct facts included: her relationship with Yun won-hyung, her proximity to the queen, and her poisoning of Yun won-hyung's first wife.[1][2][3][4]

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