Chur Stadt (Rhaetian Railway station)

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Chur Stadt
Chur Stadt 2010 2.jpg
The halt with St Martin's Church behind and the Cathedral further to the right
Location Plessurquai
7000 Chur
Plessur, Graubünden
Coordinates 46°50′51″N 9°31′52″E / 46.84749°N 9.5311°E / 46.84749; 9.5311Coordinates: 46°50′51″N 9°31′52″E / 46.84749°N 9.5311°E / 46.84749; 9.5311
Elevation 595 m (1,952 ft)
Owned by Rhaetian Railway
Operated by Rhaetian Railway
Line(s) Chur - Arosa
Distance 0.762 km (0.473 mi)
from Chur (main station)
Platforms 1
Connections Postauto and local buses
Opened 12 December 1914 (1914-12-12)
Route map
KARTE rhb.png Chur as shown on the Rhaetian Railway network.
Chur Stadt is located in Switzerland
Chur Stadt
Chur Stadt
Location within Switzerland

Chur Stadt is a small railway station (essentially a street halt) on the Chur-Arosa line (the "Arosabahn") of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB). It is situated near the old town (Altstadt) of Chur, on Plessurquai by the Plessur river, less than a kilometre (0.76 km) from the main railway station of the city.

The halt is closer to the shops, bars and attractions of the old town than the main station. A number of local[1] and Postauto (see below) bus services converge at Malteser, located nearby where Grabenstrasse and Engadinstrasse converge. A footbridge ("Praximerbrüggli") connects the halt with Lindenquai, on the other side of the river.

A train for Arosa pulls into the halt


Chur stadtbahn (Engadinstrasse)
Chur Sand depot; the Plessur and main running line are on the left

The Chur stadtbahn ("town railway") is the part of the RhB line from Chur to Arosa which passes through the centre of the city of Chur, with on-street running. The line starts on Bahnhofplatz, in front of the main railway station, where that station's platforms for the Arosa line are. The line runs along Engadinstrasse from the Bahnhofplatz to the old town, where it then runs briefly along Grabenstrasse and then alongside the Plessur river on Plessurquai ("Plessur Quay"). After the Chur Stadt station the line continues to run on the road alongside the river, heading up into the suburb of Sand and along Sandstrasse, which is the location of a compact permanent way depot ("Chur Sand") at 1.42 km from the beginning of the line. Shortly after Sand, at Sassal (where there was once a small station on the line, now not used) the line diverges from the road, which crosses the Plessau, and begins its mountainous assent via the Sassal tunnels.

Postauto connection[edit]

Postauto bus services 90.001 (to Tamins and Rhäzüns),[2] 90.041 (to Peist),[3] 90.042 (to Tschiertschen),[4] and 90.181/182 (to Lenzerheide, Tiefencastel, Bivio and St. Moritz)[5][6] call at the nearby Malteser bus stop.


Hourly passenger services operate on this line (service "R4" on the Rhaetian network), between Chur and Arosa. The route is shown as timetable 930 in the Swiss national timetables. Currently passenger trains stop at Chur Stadt only on request.[7]

Preceding station   Rhatische Bahn   Following station
toward Arosa



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