Chura Sharif

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Chura Sharif is a village situated in Jand Tehsil of Attock District in Punjab Province of Pakistan.[1] Chura Sharif has the largest Naqshbandi shrine in the Indian Sub-continent. It is the centre of the Naqshbandi order in the sub-continent.

Chura Sharif
Shrine of Khawaja Noor Muhammad
Shrine of Khawaja Noor Muhammad
Chura Sharif is located in Pakistan
Chura Sharif
Chura Sharif
Coordinates: 33°41′33″N 72°27′12″E / 33.69250°N 72.45333°E / 33.69250; 72.45333
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)


Chura Sharif was Khwaja Syed Noor Muhammad, son of Syed Faizullah who moved from Terah Shareef to Dradar village in 1845 CE at the age of eighty to spread the spiritual training among the people, with his four sons. Then Khawaja Syed Noor Muhammad moved from Drader to Chura Sharif in 1867 CE. He was born in 1765 CE in Teerah and died in Chura Sharif in 1869 CE.


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