Chuy Prospekti

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Chuy Prospekti
Chuy Prospekti
Чүй проспекти, Чуйский проспект
Former name(s) Leninskiy Prospekt, Ulitsa XXII Parts'ezda, Stalin Street, Grazhdanskaya, Kupecheskaya
Location Bishkek
Known for Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, Osh bazaar, Bishkek City Major's Office, Philharmonic Hall

Chuy Prospekti (Kyrgyz: Чүй проспекти, Russian: Чуйский проспект), is a major avenue in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It stretches from east border of Bishkek to Deng Xiaoping Prospekti in the west.


Chuy Prospekti originated as Kupecheskaya (Merchant) Street, and in 1924 it was renamed into Grazhdanskaya (Civil) Street. From 1936 it is known as Stalin Street, 1961 - XXII Parts'ezd Street, and in 1974 as Lenin Prospekt. Before the October Revolution Serafim Church, Tatar Mosque with medrese together with merchant's small shops, timber houses, and clay-walled huts were located along the street. In 1920-s the church was adopted for a social club, and the mosque and the medrese were converted to a school. All those buildings did not survived to present days. [1]


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