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Chyron may refer to:

  • Lower third, television graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen
  • Any predominantly text-based video graphic as used mainly by television news broadcasts

The Chyron Corporation is a company that develops and manufactures on-screen graphics for the broadcast industry. Founded in 1966, the company has created many products that allow television broadcasters to add keys or lower thirds, graphics, animations and special effects to TV screens that are superimposed over the video. These displays, such as names, logos, etc., are often called chyrons in the US even when they are not produced with products by the Chyron Corporation. Although these are sometimes obtrusive to the viewers when they are in the form of advertisements, they are essential to television, especially live news broadcasts for names and necessary information as well as for sports broadcasts for the use of team names, scores, time clock, etc.

The company is now called the ChyronHego Corporation. Its graphics products are used by thousands of broadcasters around the world, including ABC, FOX, CBS, ESPN, and many other large broadcasters and local stations. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices around the world.

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