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Cinnamon Brow is an area on the east side of Warrington, England, between Orford and Birchwood. It has a population of around 12,000 residents living in approximately 3,600 houses (an average of 3.3 residents per household).[citation needed]


Facilities include Cinnamon Brow Primary School, Fife Rangers Playing field, Brookside Farm, pubs, a church, a University of Chester campus, and various shops including the Spar, Martins and the Co-operative Shop.


Buses 23,23A,25A,and 25, 25C,26,27 serve Cinnamon Brow.

The 23 is the most popular bus for Cinnamon Brow. The route operates every 15 minutes (arriving at 14, 44 and 59 minutes past the hour at Shetland Close) during the day, but has a very poor Sunday service, and does not operate during the evening. It takes children who live close to the Spar shop to Lysander High School.

The 23A takes a similar route, but also stops at the nearby residential area known as Orange Grove at 29 minutes past the hour. [1].

The 25 operates every 15 minutes along Cinnamon Lane at 12,27,42, and 57 minutes past the hour to Gorse Covert and 1 minute earlier to Warrington Interchange, with 26/27 operating hourly on evenings and on Sundays at 47 or 51 to Warrington Interchange and 03 or 09 to Gorse Covert. The only difference between the 25 and 25C is that the 25C stops at Copperfield Close. Both take high school aged children to Birchwood Community High School.

The 25A terminates here and operates twice a day (early on a weekday morning) arriving at 0525 (5:25 am) and 0625 (6:25 am), leaving one minute later. [2]

The 26 operates in the evening and on Sundays, but only runs every 2 hours. It operates from Warrington Interchange to Gorse Covert, and passes the 23 & 23A's terminating stop, which is Shetland Close. (Next to The Millhouse) [3]

Important Roads[edit]

The main road in Cinnamon Brow is Enfield Park Road. This leads off to Isherwood Close, Wasley Close, Stirrup Close and others, which, together, lead to every house in the area. One of the roads connected to Enfield Park Road is Cinnamon Lane which connects Cinnamon Brow to Fearnhead.[1]

Census Data[edit]

At the 2001 census of 3,339 houses in Poulton North (Cinnamon Brow and its neighbouring districts):

  • 1977 (59.2%) were owner occupied
  • 801 (24.0%) were rented from private landlords
  • 524 (15.7%) were rented from the council
  • 37 (1.1%) were of an unknown status