Cisco Springs Oil Field

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The Cisco Springs Oil and Gas Field is located in Grand County, Utah at 39°04′30″N 109°21′19″W / 39.07500°N 109.35528°W / 39.07500; -109.35528Coordinates: 39°04′30″N 109°21′19″W / 39.07500°N 109.35528°W / 39.07500; -109.35528.

The field produces mostly natural gas from the Dakota and Morrison Formations at depths ranging from 1,200 feet (370 m) to 2,200 feet (670 m).

Current operators[edit]

The Cisco Springs field is currently operated by Running Foxes Petroleum, Inc. a Denver, Colorado-based independent company. Running Foxes owns 100% of the field. The field at present primarily produces oil from the Dakota 1 sand located along the western flank of a northwest plunging anticline that is crosscut by northeast trending faults. Gas production has temporarily ceased due to low product prices.

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