Citizens for the Adelphi Theater

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The Citizens for the Adelphi Theater is an advocacy group formed by Bill Morton in an attempt to save the historic theater in Chicago from demolition.

The Adelphi Theater was a historical landmark in Rogers Park. The theater, in its prime, was one of thirteen in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The theater was located at the intersection of Clark and Estes, surrounded by booming businesses. It was an Art Deco-styled building with beautiful architecture displayed in Grandeur.

Bill Morton, Owner of 4x Records, moved to Rogers Park so that he could continue to work on his business, and while looking for space for his business discovered the historical Adelphi Theater. He quickly became infatuated with the building and its history and worked out a deal with its owners so that his band and company could use the space.

Quickly, the struggles that were mounting to keep the building standing became evident and Bill Morton started his first not for profit organization, Citizens for the Adelphi Theater. There was much support for Citizens for the Adelphi Theater to raise funds and renovate the beautiful, architecturally sound building.

Alderman Joe Moore, however, agreed to the sale and demolition of the building so that condos could be built in its place.

The owner of the construction company working on the project, however, did not have any kind of financial stability, and his company went bankrupt just after the foundation for the condos was put in.

The community members of Rogers Park now call it "A hole of a Mess" when once it was a beautiful landmark with such promise.