Ciucaș Mountains

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View of the Ciucaş, Prahova County, Romania
LocationPrahova county, Romania

The Ciucaş Mountains (Romanian: Munţii Ciucaş, Hungarian: Csukás-hegység) is a mountain range in Romania.

The highest peak is Vârful Ciucaş (Ciucaş Peak), at 1,954 meters. The headwaters of the Buzău River, the Teleajen River, the Tărlung River and many others are located there.

In Romania, the Ciucaş Mountains are considered part of the Curvature Carpathians. Geologically, according to the divisions of the Carpathians, the range is part of the Moldavian-Muntenian Carpathians, of the larger group of the Outer Eastern Carpathians.

The Cheia village is close to the mountain.