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Claire Huchet Bishop (30 December 1898 – 13 March 1993)[1] was a Swiss-born American children's writer and librarian. She wrote two Newbery Medal runners-up, Pancakes-Paris (1947) and All Alone (1953), and she won the Josette Frank Award for Twenty and Ten (1952). Her first English-language children's book became a classic: The Five Chinese Brothers, illustrated by Kurt Wiese and published in 1938, was named to the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award list in 1959.


Claire Huchet was born in Geneva, Switzerland[2] and grew up in France[3] or Geneva.[4] She attended the Sorbonne and started the first children's library in France.[4] After marrying the American concert pianist Frank Bishop,[2] she moved to the United States, worked for the New York City Public Library, and was an apologist for Roman Catholicism and an opponent[2] of antisemitism.[3]

After residing in New York for 50 years Bishop returned to France and died in Paris in 1993.[2]


Children's books[edit]

  • 1938 The Five Chinese Brothers, illustrated by Kurt Wiese
  • 1940 The King's Day, illus. Doris Spiegel
  • 1941 The Ferryman, illus. Wiese
  • 1942 The Man Who Lost His Head, illus. Robert McCloskey
  • 1945 Augustus, illus. Grace Paul
  • 1947 Pancakes-Paris, illus. Georges Schreiber
  • 1948 Blue Spring Farm, a novel, LCCN 48-2029
  • 1950 Christopher The Giant, illus. Berkeley Williams, Jr.
  • 1952 Bernard and His Dogs, illus. Maurice Brevannes – about Saint Bernard de Menthon, LCCN 52-7143
  • 1952 Twenty and Ten, by Bishop "as told by Janet Joly", illus. William Pène du Bois, OCLC 297331 (also published as The Secret Cave)
  • 1953 All Alone, illus. Feodor Rojankovsky
  • 1954 Martín de Porres, Hero, illus. Jean Charlot – about Saint Martín de Porres
  • 1955 The Big Loop, illus. Carles Fontseré – about the Tour de France
  • 1956 Happy Christmas: Tales for Boys and Girls, edited by Bishop, illus. Ellen Raskin
  • 1957 Toto's Triumph, illus. Claude Ponsot
  • 1960 French Roundabout, 360 pp. illus. – LCSH France—Description and travel, LCCN 60-6027; revised 1966
  • 1960 Lafayette: French-American Hero, illus. Maurice Brevannes
  • 1961 A Present from Petros, illus. Dimitris Davis
  • 1964 Twenty-Two Bears, illus. Wiese
  • 1966 Yeshu, Called Jesus, illus. Donald Bolognese
  • 1968 Mozart: Music Magician, illus. Paul Frame
  • 1971 The Truffle Pig, illus. Wiese
  • 1972 Johann Sebastian Bach: Music Giant, illus. Russell Hoover
  • 1973 Georgette, illus. Ursula Landshoff

Adult books[edit]

  • 1938 French Children's Books for English-speaking Children (New York: Sheridan Square Press), bibliography, LCCN 39-1262
  • 1947 France Alive
  • 1950 All Things Common
  • 1950 Boimondau: A French Community of Work
  • 1971 Jesus and Israel Jules Isaac
  • 1974 How Catholics look at Jews: Inquiries Into Italian, Spanish, and French Teaching Materials


  • "Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians." [5]
  • "Those who marry to escape something usually find something else." [6]


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