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Claire Wendling (born 1967) is a French comics author.


In 1989, while still in the School of Fine Arts of Angoulême, she won the "Artist of the Future" prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival[1] and participated in two anthologies published by Delcourt, The Children of the Nile and Entrechats. In 1990 began her one and only series Les Lumières de l'Amalou (The lights of Amalou), written by Christophe Gibelin, which won the Press award at Angoulême.

In 1997, she was hired by Warners studio and moved to Los Angeles to participate in various projects including The Quest for Camelot. Failing to acclimatize, she returned to France eight months later and published Desk, a book of sketches made in Los Angeles. In 2000, she did graphic design work for the video game Alone in the Dark IV.

Wendling is an infrequent author: some short stories, a series of sketch books and illustrative works, her complete works are held in a single volume. She has been compared to Régis Loisel, Wendling is perhaps closer to Anglo-Saxon cartoonists such as Jeffrey Catherine Jones or Mike Mignola.

She is one of three shortlisted candidates for the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême, one of the world's most prestigious comics awards, along with Alan Moore and Hermann Huppen.[1]

In 2017, she will be guest of honor at the 75th Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention).


Les Lumières de l'Amalou[edit]

written by Christophe Gibelin, Delcourt

  1. Théo (1990)
  2. Le Pantin (1991)
  3. Le Village tordu (1992)
  4. Gouals (1994)
  5. Cendres (1996)


  • Les enfants du Nil, Carmina & Vittorio (screenplay Christophe Gibelin). 1989, Delcourt.
  • Entrechats. 1989, Delcourt
  • La fabrique Delcourt a dix ans.1996, Delcourt
  • Sales petits contes (written by Yann le Pennetier). 1997, Dupuis
  • Vampires T.1 (2001), Carabas
  • Vampires T.2 (couverture) (2002), Carabas


  • Gatonomor 1994
  • Planches & Dessins 1995
  • Iguana Bay 1996
  • Wendling Portfolio 1997
  • Desk 1999
  • Aphrodite vol. 3 (textes de Pierre Louÿs) 2000
  • Drawers 2001
  • Daisies - Affogato all'Amarena 2010


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