Clappia suaedifolia

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Clappia suaedifolia
Scientific classification

C. suaedifolia
Binomial name
Clappia suaedifolia
Type species
Clappia suaedifolia

Clappia suaedifolia is the sole species in the North American genus of flowering plants in the daisy family, Clappia.[1][2]

Clappia suaedifolia is native to Texas and Tamaulipas. It is a succulent, branching shrub or subshrub up to 30 cm (12 inches) tall. Flower heads are yellow, appearing one at a time, with both ray florets and disc florets.[3][4][5]

The genus is named for Dr. Asahel Clapp, of New Albany, Indiana.[1]

Annotations on the type specimen of Haplopappus nealleyi in the US National Herbarium,[6] on which the genus Stanfieldia and sole species Stanfieldia nealleyi were also based,[7] suggest that these later names may be synonyms of Clappia suaedifolia. Current compilations, however, consider the application of these names to be unresolved.[8][9]


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