Clark Range (California)

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Clark Range
Clark Range Yosemite National Park edited.jpg
Clark Range from the north, November 2005
Highest point
PeakMerced Peak
Elevation11,726 ft (3,574 m)
Coordinates37°43′0″N 119°22′12″W / 37.71667°N 119.37000°W / 37.71667; -119.37000
Clark Range.JPG
CountryUnited States
Range coordinates37°40.5′N 119°24′W / 37.6750°N 119.400°W / 37.6750; -119.400Coordinates: 37°40.5′N 119°24′W / 37.6750°N 119.400°W / 37.6750; -119.400
Parent rangeSierra Nevada
Type of rockMetamorphic and Igneous

The Clark Range is a subrange of California's Sierra Nevada in Yosemite National Park.[1]


The range from the west, January 2008. Prominent peaks, from left to right, are Mount Clark, Gray Peak, and Red Peak; the bump on Clark's left side is Quartzite Peak.

The range extends in a north-south direction from Quartzite Peak (37°43.0′N 119°25.5′W / 37.7167°N 119.4250°W / 37.7167; -119.4250) to Triple Divide Peak (37°38.0′N 119°22.2′W / 37.6333°N 119.3700°W / 37.6333; -119.3700) and separates the drainage basins of the Illilouette Creek from the uppermost portions of the Merced River. The range is named after Mount Clark, which was named after Galen Clark.

The highest peak in the range is Merced Peak at 11,726 feet (3,574 m).[2]

A panoramic view of nearly the entire Clark Range, as shot from the summit of Vogelsang Peak just after 9am in late June


Metamorphic rock composes most of the Clark Range, with the granite of Mount Clark's summit being the main exception.[3]


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