Illilouette Falls

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Illilouette Falls
Illilouette Fall 08911.JPG
Illilouette Falls from Mist Trail
LocationYosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, US
Total height370 feet (110 m)
Number of drops1
World height ranking733

Illilouette Falls is a 370-foot (110 m) waterfall in Yosemite National Park. It is located on the Illilouette Creek, a left tributary of the Merced River, in a small side canyon directly across from Vernal Falls, and is visible from the trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls. The best vantage point is from the Panorama Trail as it descends from Glacier Point.

There is no trail to the base of the falls, unlike nearby Vernal, as the narrow canyon is inundated with rapids during the wet season. It is possible - though not encouraged - to reach the base of the falls during low-flow months.

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Coordinates: 37°42′51″N 119°33′40″W / 37.71413°N 119.56119°W / 37.71413; -119.56119