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Clarkston Community Schools is a school district headquartered in Independence Township, Michigan. It was formed in 1952.

For a time in the early 2010s, Clarkston Community Schools' enrollment declined, but unlike other school districts did not close any of its schools. In 2014, however, enrollment was 8,282 students.

Current CCS Board Members (2011-2012)[edit]

Cheryl McGinnis, President
Elizabeth Egan, Vice-President
Barry Bomier, Secretary
Steve Hyer, Treasurer
Susan Boatman, Trustee
Rosalie Lieblang, Trustee
Joan Patterson, Trustee
Dr. Rod Rock, Superintendent


Secondary schools[edit]

Primary schools[edit]

  • Andersonville Elementary School
  • Bailey Lake Elementary School
  • Clarkston Elementary School
  • Independence Elementary School
  • North Sashabaw Elementary School
  • Pine Knob Elementary School
  • Springfield Plains Elementary School

Alternative schools[edit]

  • Renaissance High School

Early childhood center[edit]

  • Early Childhood Center

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