Clathrina clara

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Clathrina clara
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Calcarea
Subclass: Calcinea
Order: Clathrinida
Family: Clathrinidae
Genus: Clathrina
Species: C. clara
Binomial name
Clathrina clara
Klautau & Valentine, 2003

Clathrina clara is a species of sponge in the genus Clathrina from India.[1] The name refers to the clear, bright surface of the sponge.


Small, flat but not tubular and has meshes consisting of a network of thin walled tubes which are a compact mass attached directly to the substrate. The surface cormus comprises tightly-knit tubes, several tubes joining to share one common oscule, slightly raised above the surface. There are no erect free branches. Cells with granules have not been observed. The skeleton comprises two size-classes of equiangular and equiradiate triactines. Actines are conical and straight, with a sharp tip. The large triactines are situated only in the external tubes, delimiting the cormus, while the smaller triactines are found within the cormus.[2]


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