Clathrina jorunnae

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Clathrina jorunnae
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Calcarea
Subclass: Calcinea
Order: Clathrinida
Family: Clathrinidae
Genus: Clathrina
Species: C. jorunnae
Binomial name
Clathrina jorunnae
Rapp, 2006

Clathrina jorunnae is a species of calcareous sponge in the genus Clathrina from Norway. The species is named after Jorunn Berg, Hans Rapp's grandmother, who introduced Rapp to marine animals.


Cormus composed of very thin and highly irregularly and loosely anastomosing tubes. No oscula are visible on the surface. Water-collecting tubes are absent. Colour light beige when alive and white in alcohol. The surface of the tubes minutely hispid due to single actines of the triactines irregularly protruding through the outer surface. The texture is fragile but compressible. Cormus 8 mm in diameter. Skeleton composed of one group of equiangular and equiradiate triactines. The actines are straight, conical and sharply pointed.[1]


World Register of Marine Species entry

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