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Claudia Soberón (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklauðja soˈβeɾon]; born September 29, 1977) is a mexican singer and an actress.


Her first true passion was singing as she performed in several musical works, which culminated in the award-winning trio "Acuario". Soberón eventually discovered that acting was her true passion and she enrolled "El Foro - Teatro Contemporaneo" drama academy in Mexico City. She studied dance and theater with artists as Ludwik Margules, Adriana Roel, Julieta Egurrola, Luisa Huertas and Fernando Torre Laphame.

The performing seed had been planted and Soberón made her acting debut in Sexual Perversity in Chicago by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet. Other roles followed in plays such as Maria Frankenstein (playing the title role), The Monologue of a Whore in a Lunatic Asylum and The Green Cockatoo. Her first TV appearance was in an episode of Golpe bajo (2000) and she eventually landed bigger parts as her recurring roles in the TV series Cuando Seas Mia and Amores querer con alevosía (2001), which ended being the most successful series in Mexico in 2001. She is still remembered by the audience as the girl who accidentally killed one of the main characters.[citation needed]

Soberón was talented and prepared enough to win the main role in her feature film debut, Soba (2004), a drama where she played a teenager raped by a group of cops. Her performance impressed the critics: the prestigious 'Reforma' praised her acting portrayal as Justina calling her performance "remarkable" and another critic applauded the "impressive acting debut of promising star Claudia Soberón".

She has never left singing and by now she has recorded several jingles for Mexican and US's TV commercials and has sung on stage in several occasions.

Her other screen works include the main roles in short films produced all around the world (Gabbia (2003), shot in Italy which earned her an award for the "Best Female Performance", Anima (2003), filmed in USA, La Peste (1999), taped in Mexico City). She also starred in the critically acclaimed long-form project Historias y testigos: ¡Ni una muerta mas! and guest-starred in several popular Mexican TV series. Now she keeps working on several television, film and stage projects. Her most recent movie is The Bet, the premiere of which took place in early December 2007 in Italy. She is currently in talks to play the role of "Alice" in David Arturo Szymanski's Szystories, a crime thriller with supernatural elements to be shot early in 2008.[needs update]


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