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The ABA Claudia Wilds Award for Distinguished Service is an award given by the American Birding Association to a member who has given "long and useful service to the organization," either as a volunteer or as compensated staff, in recognition of the member's dedicated energy and years of service.[1]

One of five awards presented by the ABA for contributions to birding, the award is named in honor of Claudia Wilds (1931-1997), who made many contributions to ornithology and the ABA. Wilds was author of an important birdfinding guide to the mid-Atlantic states[2] and co-author of a handbook of the world's terns and skimmers, completed after her death.[3] Wilds served on the board of the ABA, was an associate editor of Birding magazine, wrote articles for The Audubon Society Master Guide to Birding, and was a consultant in the preparation of the National Geographic Society's field guide.[4] She herself was posthumously awarded the ABA's Ludlow Griscom Award in 1998.[5]

The Claudia Wilds Award was first bestowed on Larry Balch.

List of recipients[edit]

Since the award's inception in 2000, there have been ten recipients, including two years in which more than one member was recognized.[5]

Year Name Notes
2000 Larry Balch Past ABA president[6]
2001 Bob Berman
2001 Cindy Lippincott
2002 Dan Williams Past ABA president[7]
2003 Paul Baicich
2005 Hugh Willoughby
2009 Jane Kostenko and J. Tyler Bell[8]
2010 John Kricher[9]
2014 Allan Keith[10] Past ABA president [11]


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