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Audiocast, Inc.
Privately held
Industry Web Conferencing
Founded 1997
Headquarters Northfield, Illinois
Products ClearMeeting

ClearMeeting is a web conferencing service created and marketed by Audiocast Inc. (, a company that provides database driven streaming media products and corporate online communication systems. ClearMeeting is a tool for adding visual and interactive elements to traditional telephone conference calls. It is sold as an on-demand service, also called SaaS (Software as a Service).[1]


Developed in 2005 by Audiocast Inc. of Northfield, Illinois, ClearMeeting was designed as a platform for giving and viewing slideshow presentations over the web. It is sold on a per-presenter basis on the company website. As a SaaS, there is no installation of the ClearMeeting application. In 2007, ClearMeeting SA became a certified application on the AppExchange.[2]


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