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The Clearwater River (in French: Rivière à l'Eau Claire) is a river flowing on the east shore of Lake Guillaume-Delisle (formerly designated "Richmond Gulf"), which empties into the Hudson Bay. The "Clearwater River" is located in Nunavik, in the west of the Labrador peninsula, in the administrative region of Nord-du-Québec, in Quebec, in Canada. This river drains Clearwater Lake into Lac Guillaume-Delisle.


The Clearwater River rises in Clearwater Lake (Lac à l'Eau Claire (Nord-du-Québec)). It flows west for about 70 km to go and pour in the Lake Guillaume-Delisle. This lake has the west side a narrow channel of about 5 km long called "Le Goulet" that connects to the Hudson Bay.

The watershed of the river covers 4766 km2.[1]

The Richmond Gulf and Clearwater Lake are part of the Lakes Guillaume-Delisle-and-Lac à l'Eau Claire National Park. Covering an area of 15,549 km2,[2] the park was officially created in 2012, following an announcement by the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Parks in Quebec.


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