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Eurynomê (Greek: Εὐρυνόμη, from εὐρύς, eurys, "broad" and νομός, nomos, "pasture" or νόμος "law") is a name that refers to the following characters in Greek mythology:

  1. Eurynome, pre-Olympian queen and wife of Ophion
  2. Eurynome (Oceanid), mother of the Charites
  3. Eurynome or Eurymede, daughter of King Nisus of Megara and mother of Bellerophon by Poseidon or Glaucus.[1]
  4. Eurynome, mother by the Persian Orchamus of Leucothoe whom Helios loved.[2]
  5. Eurynome or Cleophyle, wife of Lycurgus of Arcadia and mother of Amphidamas, Epochus, Ancaeus, and Iasus.[3] Elsewhere is also called Antinoe.[4]
  6. Eurynome, daughter of Iphitus and mother of Adrastus of Argos by Talaus.[5]
  7. Eurynome, waiting woman of Penelope in the Odyssey.[6]
  8. Eurynome, a handmaiden of Harmonia.[7]
  9. Eurynome, a Lemnian woman. The goddess Pheme paid a visit to her in the guise of her friend Neaera to inform her that Eurynome's husband Codrus was being unfaithful to her with a Thracian woman.[8]
  10. Eurynome, an alternate name for Eidothea, the daughter of Proteus.[9]
  11. Eurynome, a daughter of Asopus and mother of Ogygias by Zeus, according to a late source.[10]

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