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Clickpop Records is an independent record label in Bellingham, Washington that releases music predominantly from the Pacific Northwest, and then attempts to bring these artists to national or international attention. Bands who have achieved this goal to some degree include Idiot Pilot (who signed with Reprise Records very shortly after releasing the first CD), and The Trucks who have gained a nationwide audience and been featured on the cable TV program The L Word. Founded by Paul Turpin and Dave Richards, the label has also put out albums by Kristin Allen-Zito (a member of The Trucks), Jenni Potts, Black Eyes & Neckties, Darin Schaffer, Scatterbox, Prosser, and Delay. From 2006 through 2007, the label had a co-release deal with spinART Records. This resulted in widespread promotion and distribution through Ryko, particularly regarding the first albums from The Trucks and Prosser that were released during that time. There is also an all-electronic imprint, Memex Records, which was created in 2006.


(co-released with Murder Mountain Records - cat is also MMR009

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