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Clifford B. Harmon seated in airplane

Clifford Burke Harmon (July 1, 1866 – June 25, 1945) was a wealthy real estate developer and aviator. He founded the International League of Aviators (Ligue Internationale des Aviateurs) and was the sponsor of the Harmon Trophy. Harmon's real estate success came from developing suburban New York, New York villages, such as Pelhamwood and Harmon-on-Hudson (incorporated into Croton-on-Hudson, New York in 1932).[1]


He was born on July 1, 1866 in Urbana, Ohio. He had a brother, William Elmer Harmon.[2]

On August 20, 1910 Harmon became the first man to fly across the Long Island Sound. He flew from Garden City to Greenwich.[3]

In 1926 he started the Harmon Trophy for aviation.[4]

In 1931 he created the Clifford B. Harmon Cup to be awarded to amateur golfers.[5]

In 1932 he may have tried to commit suicide in Cannes, France.[6]

He died on June 25, 1945 in Cannes, France. In his will he left $48,431 for the continuation of the Harmon Trophy.[7][4]


Among other things, the Metro North Railroad station Croton-Harmon and the Croton-Harmon School District are named after Harmon.


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