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Clift may refer to:


  • Bill Clift (1762–1840), British jockey
  • Charmian Clift (1923–1969), Australian writer and essayist during the mid 20th century
  • David Horace Clift (1907–1972), American librarian, chief executive of the American Library Association
  • Denison Clift (1885–1961), American screenwriter and film director
  • Eleanor Clift (born 1940), liberal political reporter, television pundit, author
  • Harlond Clift (1912–1992), third baseman for the St. Louis Browns and Washington Senators
  • Jack Clift (born 1955), American Composer and Music Producer
  • James A. Clift (1857–1923), lawyer, insurance agent and political figure in Newfoundland
  • James Shannon Clift (1814–1873), English-born merchant and political figure in Newfoundland
  • Jean Dalby Clift an Episcopal priest and pastoral counsellor
  • Joseph W. Clift (1837–1908), U.S. Representative from Georgia
  • Kenneth Clift DCM (1916–2009), Australian recipient of the Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Malcolm Clift, Australian former rugby league player and coach
  • Montgomery Clift (1920–1966), American film and stage actor
  • Paddy Clift (1953–1996), Zimbabwean educated first class cricketer
  • Pat Studdy-Clift, Australian author specializing in historical fiction and non-fiction
  • Peter Clift, British marine geologist and geophysicist
  • Robert Clift (born 1962), former field hockey player
  • Robert Clift, Jr. (1824–1859), an American soldier and early settler in California
  • Roland Clift, CBE, chemical engineering professor
  • Wallace Clift (born 1926), author, professor emeritus at the University of Denver
  • William Clift, (1775–1849), British naturalist

Given name:


  • Clift (hotel), luxury hotel in San Francisco, California
  • Rock Clift, or High Banks, a historic home at Matthews, Talbot County, Maryland, United States

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