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Not to be confused with Chloroform.
from left : Fjordheim Kaada Storesund
Background information
Origin Stavanger, Norway
Genres Alternative, electronica, acid jazz, rock
Years active 1998—present
Labels Kaada Recordings
Associated acts Kaada, Kaizers Orchestra, Morten Abel
Members John Erik Kaada
Øyvind Storesund
Børge Fjordheim

Cloroform is a Norwegian alternative band that formed in 1998 in Stavanger. They started out as an acoustic jazz trio, but soon went on to sound more like a rock band. In the later years they have experimented with noise and avant-garde related genres.

Other projects[edit]

The members of Cloroform are three versatile musicians. In addition to Cloroform they have several other projects on their hands.

Børge Fjordheim has been co-producer and contributor as composer on several of Norway's leading pop acts, such as Sivert Høyem, Morten Abel and Lene Marlin. He has also co-composed and produced the song "Can't Beat the Feeling" on Kylie Minogue album Aphrodite, released in 2010.[1]

Øyvind Storesund is one of Norway's most respected free-jazz avant-garde bassists, and is the bassplayer of Kaizers Orchestra.

John Erik Kaada has released solo albums and is one of Norway's most renowned composers. He has scored several international motion pictures.



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